And having food and raiment let us
be therewith content. 1 Timothy 6:8
Read : Ecclesiastes 5:10-12
10 He that loveth silver shall not be
satisfied with silver; nor he that
loveth abundance with increase: this
is also vanity.
11 When goods increase, they are
increased that eat them: and what
good is there to the owners thereof,
saving the beholding of them with
their eyes?
12 The sleep of a labouring man is
sweet, whether he eat little or much:
but the abundance of the rich will
not suffer him to sleep.
Lack of contentment is a sin because
it is a sign of ingratitude to the
Almighty God. There are many
people who focus so much on what
God is doing in the lives of other
people and ignore what God is doing
in their own lives. If you don’t want
your life to end abruptly, do not give
room for greed. Do not envy others.
Envy is a sin.
Contentment means a life that is
satisfied with the faithfulness of God.
It is to be delighted with what God is
doing in your own life, even as you
appreciate what He is doing in the
life of others. A contented person is
someone who is thrilled and
captivated with the Grace of God
upon his life. When God is on your
side, it doesn’t matter what your
present level may be, you can be rest
assured that your tommorow will be
mush better. You need to remember
that it is only the blessings of the
Lord that makes rich and add no
Instead of envying others, why not
just talk to God and ask Him for what
you need. He says whatever you ask
in the Name of Jesus will be given to
you. All of Gods blessings have
seasons. You need to appreciate the
phase you are in before you can
move to the next phase. There are
many people who have not done
anything with the opportunities given
to them and they are wishing for the
opportunities of others around them.
If you don’t learn to be contented,
you cannot be a happy child of God.
If you will not wait for the mangoes
on your tree to get ripe, you are
never going to enjoy them. I know
people who are so materialistic in
nature; these people live in debt
simply because they want to be
envied by others. Never live your life
for anybody.
Appreciate what God Has given you
and continue to trust Him, and work
towards a better life.
Discontentment is an evil spirit that
needs to be dealt with. It is a
manifestation of the flesh and it
should be crucified. This is why you
need to know that it is not what you
have that determines your state of
happiness, happiness is a function of
the mind. I know people who are
very wealthy and do not have peace,
and it is amazing that all around us,
there are people who do not have
much yet are very happy. One of the
reasons why people lack contentment
is that they always compare
situations. Whenever people focus on
what they don’t have, they become
discontented. Be contented with what
God has given you. That is not to
mean that you can’t ask for
something better, but it must not be
from the point of ingratitude.
Children of God should not be in any
worldly competition. It is all vanity.
There is nothing as pleasing as living
a simple life. There is nothing wrong
with wealth. It becomes wrong when
one has made the accumulation of
wealth his sole purpose in life.
Key Point :
Contentment gives peace of mind.
BIBLE IN ONE YEAR : Acts 4-5 and
Ecclesiastes 12:9-14


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