Majority of our so called political leaders and some political civil servants are great minus to the brightness of political glory of this country. I was thought in my school that ‘Democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people’. Even I have passed the same information to a lot of people that i came across.
Are you leaders truly pursuing democracy or defending your selfish interest? You are just there to use the Nation’s resources for your family not minding the suffering and perishing subjects you are ruling over.
Our God is alive and watching you. It will be a better thing for you to repent and do the needful in the interest of all.
It is a shameful things hearing how you are treating yourselves on the corridor of power these days which is an indication that you are there only to protect your interest. Politics should not be a do or die affair if at all you see it as an opportunity to serve your father’s land. You have in no small measure betrayed all including the constitution of this country. You are eating into the future of your unborn generations. Mind you no position can be carried into the grave yard. A day is coming when you will surrender all- when your head will not worth one kobo. Remember that history will never forgive you.
You have disappointed the entire people of this Nation. Every sector is poluted, corruption is the order of the day. You are running on misplaced priority which will carry you to nowhere. You have proved to us that you are bunch of failures.
You need to remind yourselves that some people fought for what you call comfort stations now. What do you want people to say about after you might have left the position you are occupying now?
We are praying for you but you have never allowed the prayers to work. Heavens help those who help themselves. Please turn to God and receive divine guidiance.


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