DATE : Tuesday 9 September 2014
There are many devices in a man’s
heart; nevertheless the counsel of
the LORD, that shall stand.
Proverbs 19:21
Read: 1 Samuel 25:32-35
32 And David said to Abigail,
Blessed be the LORD God of Israel,
which sent thee this day to meet
33 And blessed be thy advice, and
blessed be thou, which hast kept
me this day from coming to shed
blood, and from avenging myself
with mine own hand.
34 For in very deed, as the LORD
God of Israel liveth, which hath
kept me back from hurting thee,
except thou hadst hasted and
come to meet me, surely there had
not been left unto Nabal by the
morning light any that pisseth
against the wall.
35 So David received of her hand
that which she had brought him,
and said unto her, Go up in peace
to thine house; see, I have
hearkened to thy voice, and have
accepted thy person.
8:30-10:28 and JOB 35:9-36:4
God uses human agents to bring to
pass what He had planned before
the foundation of the world. The
meeting between Abigail and David
was no accident; God arranged it.
David was wise enough to
recognise this. You will make a lot
of progress in life if you take note
of the fact that no meeting with
any person is a coincidence. In
Exodus 2:5-10, Pharaoh’s daughter
went to bathe in the river at about
the same time Moses was placed
on it. It is easy for a casual
observer to see this as a mere
coincidence, but it was God at
work in the affairs of men. God
planned it because He wanted
Moses to be trained in the house
of Pharaoh. Fortunately, Pharaoh’s
daughter had no child. If she had
children, she would have seen
adopting Moses as an extra
burden. Also, in 1 Samuel
17:22-23, we have the story of
David and Goliath. David arrived at
the battlefield at the very moment
Goliath showed up to boast as he
used to. As it were, the one meant
to die met the one who would kill
him. This was arranged by God. In
1 Kings 19:15-21, Elisha was busy
doing his work when Elijah came
passing by. God also arranged this
meeting. Through this meeting,
their lives were radically
From time to time, God uses some
people to open doors for you and
He uses some others to close
doors against you. Revelation 3:7
”And to the angel of the church in
Philadelphia write; These things
saith he that is holy, he that is
true, he that hath the key of
David, he that openeth, and no
man shutteth; and shutteth, and
no man openeth;”
In the case of Nabal and David,
David did not even ask God
whether he should go and attack
Nabal or not. He was so angry that
even if God spoke, he would not
have heard. God sent Abigail to
close the door of revenge against
him. This is why you must always
ensure that you are on the side of
God. As long as you are on His
side, you have the assurance that
every door shut against you is not
good enough for what God is
preparing to give you. Through
patience, you must also learn to
recognise that everyone in your life
has been assigned to play one role
or the other to bring about the
actualisation of the plan and
purpose of God for your life.
Whatever represents Nabal in your
life, and whatever stands like
Goliath on your road to fame, all
have their different roles to play.
Just ensure you are on the Lord’s
side and you can be sure of victory
at the end of the day.
Prayer point:
Lord, work out your purpose for
my life.


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