DATE : Tuesday 17 June 2014
The gold for things of gold, and the
silver for things of silver, and for
all manner of work to be made by
the hands of artificers. And who
then is willing to consecrate his
service this day unto the LORD?
1 Chronicles 29:5
Hebrews 7:26-28
26 For such an high priest became
us, who is holy, harmless,
undefiled, separate from sinners,
and made higher than the
27 Who needeth not daily, as
those high priests, to offer up
sacrifice, first for his own sins, and
then for the people’s: for this he
did once, when he offered up
28 For the law maketh men high
priests which have infirmity; but
the word of the oath, which was
since the law, maketh the Son,
who is consecrated for evermore.
– 16 and PSALM 127 – 128
Service is good, but no service is
acceptable before God without the
servant working with Him. Working
with God is serious business. It
requires consecration i.e. setting
apart an object or person to the
worship and service of God. For a
true believer in Christ, this is a life
of service and worship that follows
our commitment to take up our
cross and follow the Lord Jesus.
This denotes giving ourselves up to
Christ as persons bought with a
price and no longer our own. 1
Peter 1:18-19 says,
“Forasmuch as ye know that ye
were not redeemed with
corruptible things, as silver and
gold, from your vain conversation
received by tradition from your
fathers; But with the precious
blood of Christ, as of a lamb
without blemish and without spot:”
Consecration is not necessarily
volunteering for full-time service,
though that might come up along
the line. In Romans 12:1-3, we
learn that there are three
characteristics of consecration.
These are:
1. Consecration is a voluntary
2. Consecration is a personal
3. Consecration is a sacrificial
These three elements of
consecration involve two actions.
The first is giving up the will or
sacrificing one’s will to God
(Hebrews 10:7). The second action
is God’s acceptance of the sacrifice
which has been made (Romans
12:1). When you give up your will
for God’s will, you will hear the
voice of God (Act 13:2), set
yourself apart from sins and
devote yourself and your
substance to God (Isaiah 52:11,
Micah 4:13). God expects that a
believer’s total life would be
consecrated to the Lord Jesus
Christ. This includes the feet to
carry the gospel everywhere, the
hands to help victims of
circumstance, the ears to hear the
cries of demonically and
economically oppressed people
and the use of time for the glory
of God (Ephesians 5:16).
Consecration results in a life
governed by the wisdom of God
and controlled by the Holy Spirit.
It results in a joyous and happy
life of victory over sin, self and
Satan. God should come before
gold. Your life is not meant to be
spent on self-indulgence and
career advancement alone. Your
life is a privilege and a
responsibility to be lived according
to the will of God through
consecration. This is your
reasonable service.
Key Point:
Our service becomes acceptable
when we consecrate our all to


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