Ye have not chosen me, but I
have chosen you, and ordained
you, that ye should go and bring
forth fruit, and that your fruit
should remain: that whatsoever
ye shall ask of the Father in my
name, he may give it you.
John 15:16
Luke 13:6-9
Luk 13:6 He spake also this
parable; A certain man had a fig
tree planted in his vineyard; and
he came and sought fruit
thereon, and found none.
Luk 13:7 Then said he unto the
dresser of his vineyard, Behold,
these three years I come seeking
fruit on this fig tree, and find
none: cut it down; why
cumbereth it the ground?
Luk 13:8 And he answering said
unto him, Lord, let it alone this
year also, till I shall dig about it,
and dung it:
Luk 13:9 And if it bear fruit, well:
and if not, then after that thou
shalt cut it down.
6 and PSALM 66:1-9
Jesus Christ who had cursed a fig
tree in Mark 11:14 for being
unfruitful, gives the parable of a
well-nurtured fig tree which had
nothing to show for the
nourishment given by its owner
in Luke 13:6-7. The reaction of
the owner of this fig tree is our
point of study today. This farm
owner in Luke 13:7b said:
“Behold, these three years I
come seeking fruit on this fig
tree, and find none: cut it down;
why cumbereth it the ground?”
He was expectant of pleasant
fruits based on his efforts to
cause the tree to bear fruits, but
sadly, the tree failed to meet his
expectations. His reaction was
that the fig tree should be cut
Beloved, the Bible in 1
Corinthians 3:9 says that you are
God’s husbandry. God is the
husbandman; you are the lively
tree being nurtured since the
day of your birth, and
particularly, since the time you
gave your life to Christ. That you
are alive to see this day is a
pointer to the fact that you have
received both physical and
spiritual nourishment up till
date. The question is: are you
nourished yet fruitless? The
husbandman said: “cut it down”.
This is serious. May we not be
cut down in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
The practical “Amen” to this
prayer is simply turning away
from a life of fruitlessness and
beginning to bear fruit. To those
who have not had a serious
commitment to Jesus Christ
through genuine repentance,
the Bible in Matthew 3:8&10
“Bring forth therefore fruits
meet for repentance: And now
also the axe is laid unto the root
of the trees: therefore every tree
which bringeth not forth good
fruit is hewn down, and cast
into the fire.”
To those of us who by the grace
of God are children by the Spirit
of God, Jesus said in John 15:4:
“Abide in me, and I in you. As
the branch cannot bear fruit of
itself, except it abide in the vine;
no more can ye, except ye abide
in me.”
Therefore, let us give ourselves
completely to the Lordship of
Jesus Christ. Let us begin to go
the “extra mile” with Him. The
reward is certainly sure. Apart
from the avoidance of being cut
down and of being thrown into
the fire, Jesus in today’s memory
verse promised that you will not
be denied good things of life if
you bear good fruits.
Action Point:
Meditate on Galatians 5:22-26.


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