MEMORISE : And if thine eye
offend thee, pluck it out: it is
better for thee to enter into the
kingdom of God with one eye,
than having two eyes to be cast
into hell fire: Mark 9 : 47.
READ : MATTHEW 13 : 45 – 46.
45 Again, the kingdom of
heaven is like unto a merchant
man, seeking goodly pearls:
46 Who, when he had found
one pearl of great price, went
and sold all that he had, and
bought it.
3; PSALM 65.
Jesus Christ gave a parable in
our Bible reading today on the
importance of making sure we
are not exempted from the
kingdom of God. He likened the
kingdom of God to a precious
pearl that a rich merchant
sought for, and after he had
found it, went and sold all that
he had just to buy it. In Mark 9 :
47, Jesus gave another serious
instruction, showing just how
important it is for everyone to
strive to gain entrance into the
kingdom of God. He said that if
your eye, as precious and
important to living as it is, will
disqualify you from gaining
entry into the presence of God
at the end of your life, you
should pluck it out! This is food
for thought when we observe
how careless we could be when
it comes to the matter of
making it to Heaven at the end
of life. We seem to trivialise the
problem of sin and what sin is
capable of doing against our
“But the fearful, and
unbelieving, and the
abominable, and murderers, and
whoremongers, and sorcerers,
and idolaters, and all liars, shall
have their part in the lake which
burneth with fire and
brimstone: which is the second
death.” Revelation 21 : 8
It is unfortunate that modern
day theologians are writing and
teaching people to be
comfortable in their sinful
lifestyle. They are explaining
away the reality of Heaven and
Hell. These two realms are real;
they should not be explained
away. As we continue to live on
this planet earth, we should
always remember that we do
not have a permanent stay here.
No matter how blessed we are
with long life, eternity is not
here on this present earth. A
new earth and a new heaven
are in the making for us
according to Revelation 21 : 1 –
2. Therefore, whatever will
disqualify you from gaining
entry into the new earth and
the new heaven should be
discarded immediately. The
reason is not far-fetched; death
may come at any given time
and the expected tomorrow
may not come. Failure to enter
to the kingdom of God leaves
room only for the second option
which is disastrous – hell. Today
is the day of salvation, now is
the acceptable time. Every
weight that besets us must be
done away with in accordance
with the admonition in Hebrews
12 : 1:
“Wherefore seeing we also are
compassed about with so great
a cloud of witnesses, let us lay
aside every weight, and the sin
which doth so easily beset us,
and let us run with patience the
race that is set before us,”
Father, please grant me strength
in my inner man to stop doing
whatever I am doing that will
make me a candidate for hell, in
Jesus’ Name.


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