Prayer points from RCCG
February 2014 Holy Ghost
Service. Theme: Peace like
a river
By Pastor E.A. Adeboye
1. Praise Him because the Prince of
peace is your father,
2. Father! Please forgive me all my
acts of disobedience.
3. Father! Let me cease to be my own
4. Father! Give me the grace to
restitute my ways and change my
attitude to Your commandments
5. Father! Give me tonight the spirit
of total obedience to Your word
6. Father! Please let every storm in
my body, my soul and my spirit
cease tonight.
7. Father! Please let there be no more
financial storm in my life forever.
8. Father! Command every storm in
my family to cease now.
9. Father! Please arise and scatter all
the enemies of my peace.
10. Father! Every plant You have not
planted in my life, in my home, in
my business, in Your church uproot
this month.
11. Father! Please give us Nigeria of
Your own.
12. Individual prayers.

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