Friday, 3rd January, 2014
But in a great house there are not
only vessels of gold and of silver,
but also of wood and of earth; and
some to honour, and some to
2 Timothy 2:20
John 6:66-71
66 From that time many of his
disciples went back, and walked no
more with him.
67 Then said Jesus unto the twelve,
Will ye also go away?
68 Then Simon Peter answered him,
Lord, to whom shall we go? thou
hast the words of eternal life.
69 And we believe and are sure that
thou art that Christ, the Son of the
living God.
70 Jesus answered them, Have not I
chosen you twelve, and one of you
is a devil?
71 He spake of Judas Iscariot the
son of Simon: for he it was that
should betray him, being one of the
Either for honour or dishonour,
everyone is born to fulfil a purpose.
You are however responsible for
the category of God’s purpose you
fulfil in His overall operations
among men.
“If a man therefore purge himself
from these, he shall be a vessel unto
honour, sanctified, and meet for the
master’s use, and prepared unto
every good work.”
2 Timothy 2:21
A man can also either help or hinder
God’s purpose for his life. For
example, God’s purpose for Samson
was that he should deliver Israel
from their oppressors. But tragically,
the completion of his assignment
depended on his moral discipline,
which he ignored (Judges 13:5).
John the Baptist is an example of a
vessel unto honour. God spoke
concerning him that he would
convert many souls into the
Kingdom. For this purpose, he was
filled with the Holy Ghost right from
his mother’s womb. He did not have
any opportunity to live a self-
seeking life from childhood until his
death because of the influence of
the Holy Spirit upon him from the
womb (Luke 1:13-17). Judas Iscariot
however allowed himself to be
used for the other side of the coin
of divine purpose. He allowed
himself to be used negatively to
fulfil a divine purpose; that is, to
betray the Saviour of mankind as it
was ordained ages before he was
born (John 6:64). In the same
spiritual environment where Judas
Iscariot was nurtured and turned
out to be a thief and a betrayer,
John the Beloved also was nurtured
and became the most intimate
disciple of the Lord (John 13:23).
Before you were born, God had a
purpose. The good news is that as
for me and the children God has
given me – both biological and
spiritual, we are for signs, wonders
and divine purpose unto honour. If
you are one of my children,
congratulations ! You are on your
way to fulfilling your divine
purpose. Honour is your portion in
Jesus’ Name. If you are not, you can
be grafted in by giving your life to
Christ as you say this prayer:
Lord Jesus, I acknowledge I’m a
sinner. I acknowledge the price you
paid for my sins on the cross of
Calvary, and I accept your offer of
salvation. Wash me with your
blood, make me a new person and
write my name in the Book of Life.
Thank you for your mercy and
forgiveness, and for accepting me
into your family, in Jesus’ Name,
Action Point:
Find out the divine purpose for your
life and work towards actualising it
to the glory of God.

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