Memorise: He shall call upon me,and
I will answer him: I will be with him
in trouble; I will deliver him,and
honour him. Psalm 91:14-15
God is great but he humbles Himself
to the level of His children to deliver
them. The one who will deliver yu
must be stronger than the enemy
holding yu captive. The reason He is
able to deliver is because He is
stronger than all your enemies put
together. Dis is why in Psalm
24:7-10,He is called the Lord strong
& mighty,the Lord mighty in battles
& the Lord of Host. It does not
matter the enemy fighting yu,as long
as the One who is mighty in battle is
on your side,yu will definitely be
victorious. Even if yu are the one
who got yourself into satan’s
captivity- dat is,yu are a lawful
captive- if yu call on Him,He will
deliver yu(Isa 49:24-26).
Many yrs ago,there was a wedding in
my village & I was invited to preach.
I had been away from home for a
long time because of so many things
I had suffered from the hands of the
witches & wizards for 13yrs. On
arrival at the wedding,I saw many of
them & had to change my message. I
dared them to come out of darkness
or get ready to be roasted. When the
sermon was over,I left,but the
witches went to confront the mother
of the bride,saying dat she invited
them so I could insult them. They
threatened to wait for the lady after
conception & dat she will never
deliver the baby. When her daughter
became pregnant,the mother wrote
to tell me the trouble I had brought
to her. I smiled & replied dat on dat
day of delivery,the witches will be
asleep. The lady came to the camp
for a program while the witches
where planning for the delivery date.
She went into labour at the camp &
within 10mins,she had delivered.
Similarly,during a particular
convention we had in America,news
came that some people had planted
a bomb at the auditorium,which was
set to explode at 1a.m of the Holy
Ghost night. My children panicked
but I asked them to relax knowing
that the God that I serve can
neutralize any bomb,because He says
no weapon formed against us shall
prosper. Wat situation are you in
today dat holds back your freedom?
The Lord will deliver you.
Ask that the fire of the Holy Ghost
will go to every evil gathering where
the enemies are planning against you
& your family & destroy them.

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