More than you can ask or
think by Pastor E.A.
Adeboye (Message at the
RCCG Holy Ghost Congress
2013 (Day 4)
Key Text: Ephesians 3:20-21
“Now to Him who is able to do
exceedingly abundantly above all
that we ask or think, according to
the power that works in us, to Him
be glory in the church by Christ
Jesus to all generations, forever
and ever. Amen.”
What you get when you’re in need
of help is determined by 2 persons.
(1) The person you go to for help
(2) Yourself. For example, the
fellow you go to ask for help can
determine how much help you get
either by what he has or how
generous he wants to be. 1kings
17:8-16. The help you get also
depends on you. By this, I mean
how much you are asking for, how
desperate you are and how
intensely you are asking.
When asking God for help, we
should consider how much God has
and how generous God is.
How much has God? The bible says
Haggai 2:8 that all the silver and
gold belongs to Him. God has more
than enough to give you only if you
would ask! Even if God doesn’t
have what you are asking for, He
has the power to create it just so
you get it.How generous is God?
1Timothy 6:17 makes us
understand that the living God,
gives us richly all things to enjoy.
God is not a miser, He is generous
and when He gives, He gives
generously. The bible says in John
10:10 that Christ came so we might
have life and have it more
Now that you know God is
generous and has more than
enough to give, the ball is in your
court! How much do you want
from Him? Many people don’t get
much from God because they don’t
ask. James 4:2 says “ye have not,
because ye ask not”. Sometimes
receiving things from God is also
subject to certain conditions. The
bible says in John 15:16 “Ye have
not chosen me, but I have chosen
you, and ordained you, that ye
should go and bring forth fruit, and
that your fruit should remain: that
whatsoever ye shall ask of the
Father in my name, he may give it
you”. One condition is soul-
winning! Be a soul winner first ,
then ask whatever you want and
you’ll get it.
When you are asking God for
something, remember to ask till
your joy is full. John 16:24 says
“Hitherto have ye asked nothing in
my name: ask, and ye shall
receive, that your joy may be full.”
How desperate are you for God’s
help? Do you really want what you
say you want? Desperate people do
desperate things. In Mark 2:1-12,
the bible tells the story of the
young man who was sick with
palsy. When the men who carried
him couldn’t get into the room
where Jesus was due to the crowd,
they removed part of the roof and
lowered the man down so Jesus
could see him. Jesus was moved by
their persistent faith and as a
result, the man was healed.
The prayer of those who are
desperate is usually different from
those who are not desperate. How
desperate are you to receive your
miracle from God? Desperate
people ask intensely and
persistently. The bible says in
Matthew 11:12 “And from the days
of John the Baptist until now the
kingdom of heaven suffereth
violence, and the violent take it by
If you read Mark 10:46-52, you’ll
see that Bartimaeus was desperate!
He made so much noise in his cry
for help that the crowd told him to
keep shut because it was disturbing
but instead of keeping quiet, he
screamed louder! The noise of one
man was higher than that of the
multitude and as a result , Jesus
heard and healed him. Tonight God
will hear you in Jesus name. Amen.
Hannah was desperate for a child,
she asked God desperately and
instead of getting just a child, God
blessed her with more children
after Samuel.
Do you really want healing tonight?
God can heal you! He has healed
several in the past and He can do
same for you today because He
hasn’t changed.
Do you want to be debt free? If
you know how to go to Him
intensely tonight, by this time next
year, you will say the people you
used to owe are now owing you.
What do you want from God that
He cannot give? We Christians
dishonour God by asking for small
things. We limit God when we ask
Him for little things. Take your
eyes off the natural and begin to
focus on the Almighty God.
David said in Psalm 66:18 “If I
regard iniquity in my heart, the
Lord will not hear me.”. If you are
still living a life of sin, God won’t
listen to you no matter how much
you cry or make big request. If
God doesn’t hear your prayers as a
result of sins, how can He answer?
Ask for forgiveness of your sins
today and promise God that you’ll
serve Him completely hence forth.
1. Praise Him from bottom of your
heart , give Him glory and honour
2. Father! please tear the heaven
wide over me so that it will never
be shut again
3. Father! Open the floodgates of
heaven and drench me with Your
4. Father! I don’t want to walk or
run, I want to fly. Give me wings
to fly high
5. Father! Take me to the tops
6. Father! Give me nations for my
7. Father! Give me so much joy
unspeakable and full of glory
8. Father! let me enjoy peace like a
mighty river
9. Father! please prosper me
beyond my widest dreams
10. Father! Empower me to win
thousands of souls for You in the
coming year.
11. Personal requests

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