Wednesday 11 December
RCCG Open Heavens Daily
Memory Verse: Wherefore God also
hath highly exalted him, and given
him a name which is above every
name: Philippians 2:9
Read: Isaiah 49:24-26
24 Shall the prey be taken from the
mighty, or the lawful captive
25 But thus saith the LORD, Even the
captives of the mighty shall be
taken away, and the prey of the
terrible shall be delivered: for I will
contend with him that contendeth
with thee, and I will save thy
26 And I will feed them that
oppress thee with their own flesh;
and they shall be drunken with
their own blood, as with sweet
wine: and all flesh shall know that I
the LORD am thy Saviour and thy
Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.
In Acts 19:3-16, demons challenged
some charlatan deliverance
ministers before pouncing on them.
This tells us that even in their fallen
state; demons know their rights
and try to enforce them as much as
possible. They questioned the
authority of the deliverance
ministers. If your authority is not
rooted in Christ, and you go to dare
demons, be prepared for a
showdown. A boy attended one
programme somewhere and got
loaded with demons to the extent
he could not sit or walk. He was
brought to our church and he told
us the story after which I asked him
to kneel down so we can pray. ‘I
cannot kneel down’ was his reply. ‘I
command you to kneel down’, I
insisted. Then be asked me ‘In
whose name?’ so I said ‘In the name
of Jesus’ and he said ‘That one is
different’ and he knelt down. After
prayer, I asked him to rise up and
go home but he said he cannot
walk. So again I said, ‘I command
you to walk’ and he asked, ‘In
whose name?’ I said ‘In the name of
Jesus’ and he replied ‘That one is
different’ and he began to walk and
was made totally free. In whose
name are you going to be free? It is
not in the name of the deliverance
minister but in the name of Jesus
Moreover, how does God execute
deliverance? It could be through
one of His bona fide servants like
Paul in Acts 16:16-18. Here, Paul
simply commanded the girl to be
free and she was free. When you
find somebody conducting
deliverance that lasts a whole night,
something is wrong somewhere.
Also, when the enemies are many,
God can turn them against one
another. But in a situation where
you are a lawful captive –you went
to the enemy’s camp on your own
to join them, but now you have
received Christ and want to come
out, if they refuse to let you go,
Isaiah 49:24-26 says, God will allow
them to feed on their own flesh and
be drunk in their own blood. As a
servant of God, how have you been
conducting deliverance? Are forces
of darkness holding you hostage?
The Lord will deliver you today. I
command every power holding you
contrary to God’s will to release you
Action Point
What is that mountain that is
proving to be difficult? Come
against it by the name of Jesus.

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