Thursday 5 Decembers

For I perceive that thou art in the gall
of bitterness, and in the bond of
iniquity. Acts 8:23
Read: Acts 5:1-11
The presence of the supernatural
power of God in a church can take that
church beyond limits. It can also
uproot the presence of evil in the
midst of God’s children. In Act 5. If
we are going to sanitise the church, we
need the Holy Spirit. Just as we need
Him to heal, save and deliver, so also do
we need Him to kill. Sometime ago, a
man from Cameroon who claimed to
be a missionary came visiting our
churches. one day,the Lord told me he
was a spy and not a missionary. When
he later came to me to say they were
planning to do certain things, I
reminded him of how the couple in
Acts 5 had lied to Peter and were buried
the same day. I told him he was busy
lying to me, eating my food and receiving
my hospitality. He was covered in
sweat. I just wanted him to say sorry
because I did not want to be involved
in his burial. But a week later,his evil
caught up wit him.
We need the supernatural to
demonstrate to people dat our God is
who He says He is. Many people do
not believe our testimonies because
they think they are arranged. But
when they see the raw power of
God, you will not beg them to surrender
to Jesus. A man came to the Holy
Ghost service one day. His son had been
telling him to yield to God but he
refused, saying that he was stronger
than his son’s pastor. He came to
camp without informing his son. As
soon as he came in,the Lord told me
dat there was a man coming for the
first time who came late because he
was feeding his snake. And that before
he gets home his snake wil be dead and
he should surender to the Lord or else
he will die after his snake. The man
ran out and surendered to Christ and
today,he is a committed member. Is
the supernatural in operation in your
life? If it is not, cry out to God today!
Ask that in the body of Christ
worldwide,the supernatural wil
become common place & through
this, God wil expose satanic agent.

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