Wednesday 4 December
RCCG Open Heavens Daily Devotional
Memory Verse: But when a stronger
than he shall come upon him, and
overcome him, he taketh from him all
his armour wherein he trusted, and
divideth his spoils. Luke 11:22
Read: Luke 11:21-22
21 When a strong man armed keepeth
his palace, his goods are in peace:
22 But when a stronger than he shall
come upon him, and overcome him,
he taketh from him all his armour
wherein he trusted, and divideth his
It’s amazing that some people who
need deliverance do not realise their
need; rather they look for others to
deliver while they remain in their
bondages. In any way you need
deliverance, it shall be given to you
this season. If God has made several
promises to you, and at the time they
should be fulfilled none of them is
coming to pass, you need deliverance.
When it appears you have a very bleak
future and you have no vision or
direction for the next two or more
years, you surely need deliverance. If
there is sorrow all around you or you
are always quarrelling at home with
your spouse and cannot even tell the
cause, you need deliverance.
Moreover, who can deliver? When
your ally is weaker or less fortified
than your enemy, both you and the
one you have invited to help you fight
will end up as preys to the enemy.
The one you should therefore invite to
help you defeat an enemy stronger
than you must be stronger than the
enemy. In a battle between two strong
people, it takes the stronger fellow to
defeat his opponent, strip him of his
weapons and take over his spoils
according to Luke 11:21-22. If an
individual wants to conduct
deliverance for you, make sure he or
she has the backing of the Almighty
God. Today, we have several
deliverance ministers who are self-
sent and therefore have no divine
approval. There are some deliverance
ministers that will ask you to pay
before you can see them. Both you
and the fellow will be in trouble if God
is not with him like He was with Jesus
(Acts 10:38). Also, the fellow to
conduct the deliverance must be
under authority or else you may return
home with more problems than you
went with. In Luke 7:6-8, the
centurion who went to the Lord for
help was under authority and Jesus
Himself was under the authority of the
Father. When the sons of Sceva
attempted to deliver somebody, they
were wounded, disgraced and had to
take to their heels. Meanwhile the
situation of the fellow they were
trying to deliver remained the same.
Enlist the right ally when fighting a
stronger enemy.
Prayer Point
Father, in all my life’s battles, never
leave me alone. Fight for me

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