Sunday 17th November
Memorise: Therefore, my beloved
brethren, be ye steadfast,
unmoveable, always abounding in the
of the Lord, foreasmuch as ye know
that your labour is not in vain in the
Lord. 1 Corinthians 15:58
Read: 1Kings 13:1-10
God has a plan for each of his own.
Unfortunately, many children of God
are mortgaging their destinies
today. As promising as some may be
in their walk with God, they may carry
some spiritual sin with them, such as
idolisation of blessings or believe
that they are okay as they are.
Nothing grieves God’s heart as much
as seeing the children He loves fall
short of His plan and provision for
them. In John 10:10, He expressly
declared His purpose of coming- to
give you not just life but life in
abundance. He wants you to
succeed, to reach the top and become
the best. He detest you stoping before
reaching the top.
Anything that holds you down from
reaching the top is obviously one of
satan’s bondages. satan will do
everything possible to stop you from
getting to the top- by making you to
rest when you have not reached your
goal. In 1Kings 13:1-32, God sent a
young prophet on a mission. He was
asked to go and deliver a prophecy to
a particular town. He was instructed
not to eat, drink or take any
honorarium from there. He was told
to return home by another route, he
took a different way and the devil
caught up with him. One of our
greatest problems today is spiritual
slumber. We believe we have
already arrived and as a result shut
gate of progress against ourselves.
God wants you to be an eagle but you
are already celebrating as an eaglet.
Your destiny is not where you are
presently, so you cannot afford to
When you rest prematurely you will
surely get into trouble. While David
rested at the time of war, he fell into
a pit of sin. Are you resting after a
major breakthrough? Stop? Arise and
get on your beat. Be watchful!
If you refuse to sleep spiritualy, the
forces of darkness will find it an uphill
task catching up with you

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