November 12th, 2013
Memorise: Thou wilt shew me the
path of life: in thy presence is fulness
of joy; at thy right hand there are
pleasures for ever more. Psalm
Read: Luke 2:8-10
We are saved to bear witness of
God’s goodness in our
lives, particularly His power to heal
& ability to give peace. God also
wants us to be witneses of is joy.
Psalm 16:11 says joy is always
available where God is present. But
for dis truth, how could Paul & Silas
be singing in Prison(Acts 16:25-26)?
In 1975, I went to kirikiri prisons
(Lagos) There was a young man who
was playing the organ & dancing wit
so much joy “Is he about to be
released?” I asked. The elder told me
dat the boy had bagged a life
sentence: he had a quarrel with his
friend, gave him a slap & the friend
down & died. He was charged &
sentenced to death but appealed &
it was changed to life. In prison, he
met the Lord & discovered dat one
could be in prison & yet be spiritually
Recently, I visited the prison & met a
man has been there for 28yrs on
death row. When every other
inmate is sleeping, those on death
row will be half awake- listening for
steps of the executioners- until 5a.m
before they can be sure they will still
be alive for that day. Imagine living
like dis 28yrs! While conducting
service for them, he was
singing,shoutin g & clapping dat
atleast God had given him another
day. If somebody whose life is filled
wit suspense can praise God for each
day, why should we not praise God
more? It is sad some believers
would have to be pushed or brutaly
compelled to praise God. The only
time some believers will know a
measure of happiness is when good
things happen to them. But our joy
is not dependent on this fading
earthly things. A believer who has
no dime in his pocket shuld be like
he owns the world & yes he does, as
joint heir wit Jesus!
A popular anecdote says, I was
complaining I had no shoes until I
met a man who had no legs. If yu
have legs but no shoes, thank God for
your legs.

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