Friday 8th November
Open Heavens Daily Devotional
Memory Verse: Who art thou, O great
mountain? before Zerubbabel thou
shalt become a plain: and he shall
bring forth the headstone thereof
with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace
unto it. Zechariah 4:7
Read: Numbers 14:1-4
1 And all the congregation lifted up
their voice, and cried; and the people
wept that night.
2 And all the children of Israel
murmured against Moses and
against Aaron: and the whole
congregation said unto them, Would
God that we had died in the land of
Egypt! or would God we had died in
this wilderness!
3 And wherefore hath the LORD
brought us unto this land, to fall by
the sword, that our wives and our
children should be a prey? were it
not better for us to return into
4 And they said one to another, Let
us make a captain, and let us return
into Egypt.
Once in a while we are faced with
mountains, but the question is: How
do you handle the mountain
confronting you? It is possible while
facing a mountain to turn back and
refuse to continue moving forward.
This was the initial response of the
children of Israel in Numbers 14:1-4.
They encountered a mountain and
they decided to go back to Egypt.
This is a very wrong way to handle a
mountain. Is somebody standing in
your way, hindering you from
achieving success on a given project?
Have you resolved to dump the
project because of that? Those who
give up after encountering a
mountain are feeble hearted and
still relying on their limited strength.
Hebrews 10:38 says if you turn back
from a divine course, you will cease
to be God’s delight. He will no longer
have pleasure in you. Have you
down tools, stopped work, returned
from your field of assignment or
gone into your shell because you
met a mountain on your way?
Immediately go back to that
assignment and restart what you
stopped before God changes His
mind concerning you! Never quit an
assignment, good deed or project
because of a mountain. It is just too
negligible compared to our God!
Another response to progress
challenging mountains is to walk
along the base of such mountains.
Such response is a wasted effort.
When you have a problem and you
do nothing about it other than to
keep staring at it and wondering
what to do about the problem, you
are simply walking along its base.
Also, when you have a problem but
you either ignore it or say
disheartened prayers about it, you
are only walking along its base. Such
weak efforts will be wasted. Closely
allied to this, is a situation where
you try to solve a problem by
applying the wrong measures. You
will surely get nothing out of such
efforts! Turn your problem to the
Lord and He will take care of them.
It is the right step that gives you
result, not just any step. Ask for
grace to always take the right step
in handling mountains.

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